segunda-feira, 19 de abril de 2010

burguesia, materialismo e marxismo

It is, of course, only too natural that a young man, brought up in the bourgeois spirit which culminates in the cognition that material issues are the most important ones, finally finds his way to Communism.
If the production and distribution of goods is the problem of humanity it is difficult to see how a sincere, altruistic, and logical thinker, accepting the preceding statement as axiomatic, can under present circumstances come to any other solution than that offered by Moscow. The egoist, on the other hand, finally lands in Manchester. An education based on £.s.d. or on dollars and cents, inspired by the awe for technical "progress," i.e., a modern, ochlocratic education, can hardly establish other aims of

in The Menace of The Herd, E.K. Leddihn

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